Live with Hope

Across the country, God's word provides solid answers. In this exciting seminar, you will discover that the Bible provides the answer to life's most challenging questions. Discover how you can find tru hope and lasting stability in your life. We'll see you there.

This seminar is presented in a relaxed atmosphere as a community service open to everyone. We invite you to “come as you are” and enjoy this fascinating prophecy seminar. Registration is free!

I make you these 3 promises:

  • The Bible will be our only textbook. 
  • We will not beg you for money. 
  • Our goal is that this seminar will encourage you and give you hope.

Session 1: 

Bible Prophecy for Today
Thursday, April 4 at 6:30 pm
 - The Bible is no ordinary book. It speaks directly to modern times. Ancient prophecies speak of events happening right now in the world. Come and see how your life is personally impacted.

Session 2: 

Prophecy's Great Conflict 
Friday, April 5 at 6:30 pm

Session 3:

Prophecy Reveals Man's Great Dilemma
Friday, April 5 at 7:30 pm

Session 4:

Prophecy's Appearing
Saturday, April 6 at 6:30 pm

Session 5:

Prophecy Reveals Satan's Final Deceit
Saturday, April 6 at 7:30 pm

A continuing series. Future presentations will be announced. 

Find clear answers to questions such as:
  • How can I find true peace in a world of chaos?
  • What role does the USA play in Bible prophecy?
  • What is the anti-Christ and the Mark of the Beast?
  • What really happens after death?
  • What does Bible prophecy say about atheism and world religions?

FREE Children's program ages 1-9!